The application of Integrated Double-drum Drying Equipment increase the drying efficiency, reduce the human error in the process of tray drying and also improve the effect of drying and setting.

  • Double-color
  • Enteric
  • Printed
  • Coated
  • Custom shapes


High-speed Tablet Pressing Machine satisfies the customers’ requirements for large orders.

    • Effervescent
    • Chewable
    • Color coated
    • Enteric coated
    • Sustained Release
    • Orally dissolving tablets (ODT)
    • Custom shapes
    • Custom embossing


  • Vegetarian or Gelatin
  • Any size
  • Multi color capsules


  • Powdersticks
  • Sachet/drumpackage
  • Ready-to-Drink liquid products


We provide our clients with nearly any packaging option desired. Our packaging capabilities include:
● Bottles/drum/can/tube
● Blister packs
● Double-soft aluminum
● Sachets

Quality Control

(1)RD departments are well versed in national regulations
(2)Train and appraise staff Clean and clear environments with pure water system
(3)Purchasing testing and storage of raw material
(4)Warehouse plan and delivery
(5)Processes of manufacturing with traceable records

Testing Capabilities

High standard QA Testing Laboratory and Intermediate Control Room are equipped with HPLC, GC, AAS, DigiPREP TKN Systems, UV spectr-ophotomet -er, disintegration time limit instrument, biochemical incubator and other testing equipment in which 90% of test items can be completed, such as microorganisms, heavy metals and active ingredients.